Matt Franks’ often monumental sculptures perversely celebrate consumer anxiety, media mis-consumption, and beta-male neuroses. Taking their cues from video games, sci-fi films, comic books, art history and other channels of (dys)utopian conjecture and masculine frustration, Franks’ ridiculously over-com- pensated totems are made from materials of Las Vegas simulation – Styrofoam, flocking, spray cement, cheap and nasty faux finishing – the kitsch fabrication of unabated ego and epic indulgence.

Franks’ work is regularly exhibited internationally and has featured at major museums including: the Xi’an Art Museum, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Tate Britain, the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Connecticut, USA), Suzhou Art Museum, National Gallery of Albania, Benaki Museum (Athens), Te Tuhi Gallery (Auckland), Sichuan Provincial Museum (Chengdu), Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai), State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki, Greece), Bloomberg Space (London), Bergen Centre for Contemporary Art (Norway), Vilnius Centre of Contemporary Art (Lithuania), Museum of Contemporary Art (Tallin, Estonia), Brno House of Arts (Czech Republic), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), New Museum of Modern Art (Salamanca, Spain), Centre of Contemporary Art (Milan), and Krakow Bunkier Sztuki ( Poland ).